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"Before working with Louise, I found it difficult to make decisions, allowing stress to influence my mood and behaviour in all areas of my life. Louise is an amazing coach who helped me overcome many hurdles in a very short period of time. And build strong foundations for better behaviour and stress management. Having her by my side makes me feel more confident and not afraid to take on new challenges. Now my partner also works with her and I can already see positive change!"

Margo G.Product Growth & Customer Experience Specialist

"Prior to working with Louise, I wrestled with imposter syndrome. It was replaced by increased confidence and purpose -- the fear is gone.

Our work allowed me to make a more conscious connection to my values and aligned all areas of my life, not only the work-related one that I sought to improve.

Louise holds you accountable to yourself. She facilitates dialogue that allows you to propel yourself forward through self-discovery. I'm grateful for everything that I've learned.

I wholeheartedly recommend Louise."

Laura L.Director of Marketing Operations

"Louise is an incredible life coach. I started working with Louise with the specific goal of finding ways to develop a healthier mindset towards life; within a couple of sessions I was already feeling lighter, happier, and more energetic. After a few months, the results have surpassed my expectations by a longshot - now I am happy to say that my stressful career is no longer "stressful". I'm getting about four times more done in my work day and in my personal life than I was before, and I am waking up each day feeling excited to take on whatever the day brings. People are noticing the difference that Louise has made in my life. I recommend Louise to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, anyone who needs help achieving some goals, or anyone who wants to be a better person."

Josh B.Consultant & Banking Specialist

"I generally shy away from opportunities to speak or think about my goals and emotions, even when I know it is a productive and healthy thing to do. When I first met Louise, I knew that she would push me outside of my comfort zone and help me grow. She coached me through getting a promotion and a raise at work, and thinking more critically about my goals and opportunities.

She listened intently, didn’t sugarcoat anything, and challenged me to be a better advocate for myself: looking out for my own interests/goals/desires and making sure I do what needs to be done to attain those (have the tough conversations with my boss, think critically about my role and what I want it to be, etc.). I had a tendency to shy away from thoughts/conversations that I don't enjoy, and Louise guided me to see how valuable it can be to not shy away from them!

Now as compared to before, I feel more confident in what I want and in my ability to push myself to make sure it happens. I would highly recommend working with Louise to anyone out there who knows they can be better, or has a goal they are striving for, and needs an extra nudge to get there and make it happen."

Carla P.Senior Operations Manager

"Before working with Louise I was aware that I was under-appreciating my worth and value and living in a way that expressed that - playing small, making do and resigned to be underwhelming. I had started a business but was so caught up in my insecurities and self-doubts, that I would only think of the ‘hard work’ and resist it, rather than lean into the opportunities and beauty of carving a path through the messiness of going out on my own! 


Today, I am a similar but different person - I am living and expressing myself in my values of courage, integrity, authenticity, curiosity and joy. I am becoming more of myself and sharing that with others and establishing connections that enrich and are supportive of each other’s goals! I have found a profession and job that I love and am thriving in and my relationships with loved ones have deepened. I have more confidence in myself as a leader and willing to take more risks to live life big! I couldn’t have done this without Louise’s coaching. Her ability to ask powerful questions with sensitivity, care and humour allowed me to open up and be empowered to go after my dreams without reservation or hesitation!"

Pamela M.Performance Coach & Customer Success Manager

"I had only three sessions with Louise, but they made a big impact on my perspective. Following a car accident years ago, I have fluctuating limitations on what I can accomplish each day due to post-concussion syndrome. I want more stability and a feeling of control in my life. Things that once helped me to be productive before my accident no longer work. It was difficult to enjoy things that were important to me when I kept comparing my abilities with what I could do before.

Louise helped me to see that I still want to pursue my interests simply because I enjoy them. This shift in mindset has helped me have more joy in the process, rather than focusing on the outcome.

I initially asked Louise for help with sticking to a schedule, but she helped me to see I was trying to manage something chaotic and fluid--my energy levels and my brain--with order. I needed a more flexible way of doing things now. So, we pursued a values-based approach instead. I could implement these strategies with just about any level of energy. This is a better system than the schedules. This process is an anchor that makes me hopeful that I can find a way to live more fully no matter the circumstances I find myself in or the limitations I have. I feel like I have more control of my life, and I feel more present with my goals and my feelings.

Louise was an excellent sounding board. She was attentive, responsive, and she brought compassion and creativity to our sessions. I’m so grateful to Louise for all of her help. I hope to work with her again in the future. I can't recommend Louise enough as a life coach!"

Amy H.Teacher

"I had returned from maternity leave and started a new management position when I reached out to Louise. I was nervous and anxious about being a manager and my confidence in myself was low. After our very first conversation, I cried because I realized, with Louise's gentle support, I deserved better and I deserved to feel better. So I got resourceful, secured the necessary funds, and started coaching with Louise.

Fast-forward eight months and I have successfully negotiated a pay raise and change in job title. This alone made the coaching worthwhile because not only has it given me and my family much more financial freedom, it’s boosted my confidence, my self-esteem, and my ability to advocate for myself. Aside from that, I made successful shifts and changes that enable me to focus on being a supportive partner and mother. I also continue to improve my self-esteem with the insights and tools I’ve gained.

Because of Louise's guidance, I am able to embody the amazing warrior and compassionate person I know I am. I highly recommend Louise’s coaching sessions and working with her as your coach. She's amazing, caring, and excellent at what she does. Worth every penny!"

Lana T. | Manager

"Louise Lee empowers me to be the best of me. I feel confident at work and this helps me communicate effectively with my directors and the team. I learned of useful project management tools and tips that remove the feelings of being overwhelmed while staying organised. These tools navigate through project management with the foresight of risk management and having solution-based thinking. Most importantly, I learned how to collaborate efficiently and effectively."

Mamio M.Senior Graphic Designer & Manager

"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Louise. She was a strong support as I was making an important life-transition. I had recently completed a difficult project that left me feeling very burnt out. Louise was able to work with me at my own pace and kept a positive attitude which was infectious. She was always understanding of my process, being able to grasp what was important and transform it into another puzzle piece being set in place. She brought my focus and attention back to my values, encouraging me to do things which had meaning and brought joy. I am now living the life which we began to outline from our very first session. I would encourage anyone who wants to bring their life and goals to the next level, to work with Louise as their coach! Thank you!"

Adriana L. | Director, Photographer, Designer

"Prior to speaking with Louise I had been struggling quite a lot at work. I knew that something needed to change, but I didn't know how to communicate this to my superiors. I was terrified of being perceived as rocking the boat, and didn't consider doing anything about it. However, things continued to deteriorate, until one conversation with Louise changed everything. Her insights have emboldened me to communicating my concerns to leadership, and as a result, I'm in a much better place now. I'm truly blessed to have met Louise - speaking with her has made a world of difference in my confidence that I can drive the direction of my life and career."

Helen B. | Consultant & Business Analyst

"It was a pleasure working with Louise. One of the biggest things I got from our sessions was clarity on my values. It's surprising that I had hardly thought about them previous to the session, given how important they are. It's helped my decision-making and direction. Knowing what I want and value in life helps me decide what to pursue."

Dave E. | Futures Trader

"Louise was the lighthouse in the ocean for me the past ten months. Before our journey started, I felt lost and out of touch with my intuition. I was confused with my life direction, and I was frustrated with myself for not being able to make sensible decisions. The worst part was that I had this feeling of separation between my head and my heart - I felt totally disconnected with myself. During our journey together, she helped me to work through my blockage by discovering new possibilities and presenting a new alternative through various coaching conversations and techniques. Her process inspired and encouraged me to see EVERYTHING from a different perspective. This created clarity, certainty, and freedom within me - and these feelings are powerful and priceless! As a result of our work together, my most significant success is to be true to myself while comfortably making peace with uncertainty in ALL and ANY situation. I highly recommend Louise to anyone who is seeking enlightenment to live a fulfilled life."

Maggie W. | Product Designer & Coach

"I had the privilege to be coached by Louise. She has been instrumental in helping me make some big shifts in my thinking, have powerful realizations, and uncover the truth of who I am - that I AM TRULY ENOUGH - and to see the beauty and good inside of me. She helped me visualize the person I want to be, or some would say who I already am, and see that what I want is really possible! Due to her coaching, I have seen a remarkable increase in the areas of confidence and living with more intentionality and focus. Peace is more present in my life due to the fact that I am living with authenticity and loving the person I am and am growing into. She also helped me in putting together a plan to contribute at a bigger level as contribution is one of my key values. For all of this, I am deeply grateful and would recommend that anyone who is looking to make some shifts, changes, and to live a bigger and better life definitely reach out to her for coaching as she is top notch!!"

Jeremy K.Flight Attendant & Realtor

"I have worked with Louise as my coach for the past six months and think she is a skilled coach. I found her to be patient and supportive as I identified and worked through my limiting beliefs in many different areas of my life. She was accepting of my strengths and weaknesses and remained open as I shared vulnerable aspects of my life. I was impressed with her skill at guiding me to the root of an issue or thought and she offered valuable feedback and insight that I continue to apply in my day-to-day life. Thanks Louise!"

Joanne H. | Director & Senior Technology Leader

"Working with Louise was really challenging but in a good way - she made me think and question the reasons behind my decisions. Doing this helped me analyze things in a way I hadn't done before and allowed me to actually know what or where things went wrong and in which areas I could improve.

Louise taught me to never give up and to trust in myself, to realize that I am capable, and that I actually know how to achieve what I want, even if I sometimes get lost. She also taught me that I just need to stop, look for the thing that could be improved, and work on that.

Louise inspired me to push myself to be better because looking at her and seeing the level of confidence she has in what she's doing made me realize that I too can trust in myself and in what I'm doing. The way she talks to me turned out to be just what I needed in order to find the answers I was looking for.

I recommend working with Louise if you're looking to find a new perspective about your decisions or if you want to change gears and push yourself in order to get what you want. Working with her was a really fulfilling experience and one that had changed my behaviour and thoughts in a positive way."

Liz S. | Motion & Communication Designer

"Working with Louise was an absolute delight. She is able to guide the sessions in such a way where you find clarity and feel motivated from finding answers within yourself. She actively listens and asks the right questions that allow you to reach areas in your mind that you were not conscious about and then helps set action steps to make changes to reach your goals. Through our coaching journey together, I reached many goals: some that I intended to reach, and some that emerged from the process that were equally or even more important. The journey we had has helped me a lot and I still use the resources I got from our sessions to improve my every day. Thanks, Louise, for this great experience."

Fabiola R. | Manager & Team Leader

"Coming to Vancouver has been the most astounding decision I have made in my life by far. I met a plethora of extraordinary people who I very profoundly look up to and Louise, inevitably tops them all! She was not just a mentor and coach, but she is truly a role model for me now. I am saying so not just because of the immense respect I have for her but because she knows to tap into a client's drive and care about them personally.

She in real sense embraces the idea of being fabulous with enthusiasm, and raise the bar repeatedly. As a teacher and trainer, it's not just what she teaches but how she behaves with students, how much respect she gives you, the tone with which she speaks, the way she will dress, the way she conducts herself reflects how much she truly perseveres towards accentuating you and your will power.

She beholds this amazing super power to instil values, knowingly or unknowingly! Faced with a situation, she guides not just with what one ought to be doing but also why you should be doing that in the first place which helps you set a strong foundation and be proactive no matter what towards one’s future actions.

It’s her forte to top it all with a dollop of suave confidence and be a shining star that compliments to bringing out the very best in you. Come with any skills and interests and she will hone them, as you embark on your very own endeavours into this big, wide real world. She is undeniably the best mentor and coach I can ever have, had and will be! Thank you so much, Louise! She truly is a remarkable woman!

P.S: Louise, I personally want to thank you for who I am today and the future me as I hustle with all the positive reinforcement I can summon every single day. It's all possible because of you, Louise, you play a major role towards this better me. I do really mean it. Thank you so much!!!"

Raji K. | User Experience Designer

"Before working with Louise, I had been stuck in my career even though I already made a career change. I had just moved continents, leaving my family, friends and dear colleagues behind which was difficult, I was intensively studying at school, and I was living with someone for the first time. I was questioning my career and what I wanted, which was very emotionally draining. I was scared to look for a job and was lacking in confidence. I was overwhelmed with everything and didn't know whether I had room in my life for coaching.

After making a commitment to myself and during my journey with Louise, I realized more that it's OK to listen to my body and to look after myself, and not just to always look out for others. Most importantly, I learnt that it's OK to be myself and only I know what's best for me - and to trust and love myself.

Now, I'm more confident, more open, and more flexible. I'm actively taking steps towards what I want, which fills me with gratitude and positivity. I know that I have the resources I need to achieve my vision and that I don't have to do it alone. Thank you, Louise!"

Anna K. | Psychotherapist & Psychologist

"Louise is a big inspiration in my life, and I have done quite a bit of self-discovery and development through the ongoing coaching sessions with her. The most significant change is that I have shifted some false beliefs and limiting thoughts in my way of thinking and discovered more possibilities in my personal and professional life."

Ziwei W. | Product Designer

"I always thought of myself as a strong leader and motivator of people. But before working with Louise, I struggled for years with asking for what I really wanted. I felt insecure about saying “No” to people and honouring my own boundaries. I also wanted more confidence. I knew that I had skills and knowledge, but I always felt as though I had to have all of the answers and would get so anxious if I didn’t. I hired Louise as my coach and right from the get-go, I got why I was feeling unfulfilled in my job and what needed to change in my life. I've gotten great insights from every session, such as how my default thought patterns determined how I saw everything and the impact that’s had on my life. Those insights allowed me to break the mold and choose a different path. I've gotten clear on what I wanted and how to be my very best, and took the necessary steps to successfully get what I wanted! An added bonus? I have also levelled up my relationship with my partner and with my friends. Thank you so much, Louise!"

Emily S. | HR & Business Consultant

"Every session with Louise was a journey into clarity, joy, and deeper connection with myself. Each session left me empowered and inspired to tackle the journey ahead, with tools and practical foundations upon which to build and create. Louise helped me uncover my true values as a person, and helped me to apply those to my professional life, enabling me to work and contribute from a place of authenticity and inspiration. From the bottom of my heart… thank you, Louise!"

Janna S. | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

"I had just purchased a new business, and I knew I had to quickly evolve as a leader to realize the value in this move. Working with Louise allowed me to explore my needs, and go to places intellectually and emotionally that I would have otherwise avoided. I discovered my latent strengths, skills, and attitudes needed to grow to address these needs. Our journey together not only generated value within our coaching sessions, but it also gave me the space to understand how to sustain this learning and growth into the future. I expect the value of our work together to multiply significantly over the years.
ADDENDUM: It’s been 6 months since I worked with Louise. One of the lasting results is that I’m behaving in a very different way, much more aligned with what I originally intended. I’m approaching business that I wouldn’t have considered myself capable of before, and focused on growing and building rather than maintaining the status quo. This isn’t conscious effort, it’s the new norm, the new natural way of interacting with the world. Bigger picture, more strategic, more collaborative. There are certainly challenges but, after working with Louise, I’ve got more tools to be able to manage those challenges effectively."

Jim B.CEO & Management Consultant

"Louise is a talented and insightful coach and guide. She's not always easy on you but that's for the best as we all need a little tough love sometimes. She provides that voice in the struggle that helps you stay focused while suggesting alternative ways of looking at things to help overcome your roadblocks. The composition of our meetings (before, during, and after) really helped me to clarify and focus on the issues that were important to me. It gave structure to our discussions and provided useful reminders to help me stick with the things that we'd discussed. Louise's greatest strength is that she finds ways for you to figure out your own solutions. I've worked with other coaches but have not had nearly the same level of success, and I highly recommend her if you are looking for ways to improve your performance or to get past personal impediments."

Winney C.Marketing Professional

"Last night, June 2, 2020, I hosted a Vancouver Business Network event. The speaker gave what I consider to be one of the best talks I have heard in my eight years of hosting Vancouver Business Network’s weekly events. She wove her talk around 5 high-impact, authentic original stories. She was animated and her eye-contact, gestures and vocal variety were masterful. Her call to action was inspiring and I have no doubt that it activated many of her audience members. I saw in this speaker the makings of a TV show host. Move over Oprah and Ellen and make way for Louise Lee."

Roger S. Killen | Producer of Get Inspired Talks, Organizer of Vancouver Business Network, Get Inspired Talks

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