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Tuesday October 20th 2020

5pm-6pm PDT

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Transform Your Leadership & Transform Your Life!

Join one of Vancouver’s top coaches in this interactive Professional and Personal Growth Circle for Women Leaders


Is This You?

→ Are you a leader who wants to enhance your leadership skills?

→ Do you sometimes struggle with knowing what to do as a leader and which direction to go in?

→ Are you concerned, confused, or frustrated about why you’re not further ahead as a leader?

→ What do you think it would be like to have a conversation with a Leadership and/or Life Coach?

→ Do you know where or how to start finding a qualified coach? Would you like to know where to start?

→ Have you ever wanted to talk with other women leaders in a safe and confidential environment but you’re not sure where to find them?


What if you could pick the brains of not only a professional, certified Leadership & Life Coach, but also other women who are leaders in their field? What would it feel like to get insight and workable ideas on something you’re struggling with - in your teams, on your projects, or in your life? What if you could turn those insights and ideas into action that brings results, change, and growth for you and for those around you?


If this sounds like something you want, then look no further!

"I would encourage anyone who wants to bring their life and goals to the next level to work with Louise as their coach."

- Adriana L.



What Is This Women's Leadership Circle About?

I’m offering you a seat at an intimate virtual table for a series of eight one-hour live sessions, twice a month for four months.

Join one of Vancouver’s top coaches in this interactive professional and personal growth circle for women leaders.

Each of these sessions are limited to just six people to nurture connection, confidentiality, and intimacy.

Over the course of four months, we navigate the terrain of how to successfully lead yourself and others, how to empower your relationship with yourself, with others, and with even the most difficult people in your life, and how to create your life and career by design.

You will learn, you will grow, you will take action, you will be supported, and you will support others. You’ll be part of a circle.


After all,
This is a unique opportunity for those who are curious and seek continuous improvement.
Is this you?
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Join a powerhouse circle of smart, soulful, and committed professional women leaders for the next four months and get action, accountability, and growth!

Who Is This For?

✸ You’re a leader of one or more people and you've been leading others for at least one year.

✸ You want to raise your leadership skills and your confidence as a leader.

✸ You feel overwhelmed or confused (or both!) and you’re ready for it to change.

✸ You feel stuck where you are and want to know how to move yourself forward.

✸ You want to progress, grow, and create more success and fulfillment in your leadership ability, in your career, and in your life.

✸ You’re curious about coaching, about what’s possible, and the impact your personal and professional growth journey could have on your life and on the world.

✸ You want a safe and intimate place to gather, share, and learn about being the kind of leader you want to be.

✸ You want to be part of a community of other open-minded, curious, and inspiring women leaders.

✸ You want a confidence boost, some inspiration, and a big ol’ dollop of motivation.

✸ You’re willing and able to take action on your life as you create and design it. Creativity and change come from doing. This is not a passive experience. This is also not for people who are all talk and no action!

✸ You are a woman or identify as a woman. This is a women-only circle.

"Come with any skills and interests and Louise will hone them. She is undeniably the best mentor and coach I have ever had. She truly is a remarkable woman."

- Raji K.


What Will You Experience & Learn?

Coaching & Mentoring

Your coach, Louise Lee, ACC, ECPC, will both train you and nudge you into greater alignment with your career, who you are as a leader, your life, and yourself.

Leadership Skill-Building

You will get to bring your problems to the table in a safe and confidential environment, and receive insights, shifts, and ideas in successfully tackling them.

Giving Back & Building Up

You will get a chance to share your knowledge, experience, and wisdom to help others. Become the influential role model your team, your family, and this world truly deserves!

Mindset & Self-Mastery

You get to learn not just from Louise but from the women leaders around the table - and from yourself. Covering leadership, business, career, and personal power alignment, your coach will guide you through your problem from unique perspectives.

What To Bring With You?

√ An open and curious mind. Be willing to share and to be lovingly challenged. Be prepared to participate. The more curious about yourself you are and the more vulnerable you allow yourself to become, the more you will learn!

√ Your presence. These live circle sessions are limited to six people. Every person makes a difference and your participation matters. Turn the camera on, close the door, and be with us. The more you engage and put in, the more value you’ll get out.

√ Questions! Bring your big, hairy, audacious problem each session, share it, and leave with more clarity, direction, and motivation.

√ Your notebook and pen. You’re going to want to take lots of notes, jot down your thoughts and ideas, and record your personalized action steps.

When Are The Live Circle Sessions?

⬡ Session #1: Tuesday October 20th, 5pm-6pm PDT

⬡ Session #2: Tuesday November 3rd, 5pm-6pm PST

⬡ Session #3: Tuesday November 17th, 5pm-6pm PST

⬡ Session #4: Tuesday December 1st, 5pm-6pm PST

⬡ Session #5: Tuesday December 15th, 5pm-6pm PST

⬡ Session #6: Tuesday January 5th, 5pm-6pm PST

⬡ Session #7: Tuesday January 19th, 5pm-6pm PST

⬡ Session #8: Tuesday February 2nd, 5pm-6pm PST

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Ask me at [email protected]!

We're growing a community of thriving women leaders who inspire each other, reflect with each other, support and challenge each other and nurture each other.

These Women's Leadership Circles started with my vision of women leaders connecting deeply across generations, industries, and life experiences. The mission of these Women's Leadership Circles is to create an environment to support and learn not only from your coach, Louise Lee, but also from each other.

We focus on leadership but we also get to ask big life questions and experience personal and professional transitions. By fostering authentic relationships between us, our Women's Leadership Circles enable members to learn, support, and encourage one another - both personally and professionally.

Women's Leadership Circles consist of up to six women who meet online (using Zoom) on a fortnightly basis for one hour at a time. Each circle session includes training from your coach, Louise Lee, peer sharing amongst us together as a group, and your commitment to taking an action step(s) of your choice that will progress your leadership, career, and life in the direction you want it go.

Our Women's Leadership Circles offer a great way to dive deeper into topics we all care about - but rarely get to discuss - with women who face similar challenges. Topics in these circle sessions focus on leadership, but can include other topics that are impacting your career and your life. A circle is a place to slow down, reflect, let your hair down, get inspired by other women, connect, and support each other.

Discussions at each circle are confidential. Confidentiality builds safety and trust within the circle, allowing authentic relationships to flourish. At the initial meeting, we will discuss the importance of confidentiality and set ground rules around confidentiality for our circle.

By signing up for our Women's Leadership Circle, I ask that you commit to participating in the eight live circle sessions. This commitment is a must in order to develop deep trust and understanding of one another. I want to emphasize that what you get from the circle is related to what you give to it. The expectation is that by joining, you commit to attending each circle session (excluding emergencies and unavoidable travel) for the upcoming 15 weeks, and bring your whole self - participate, engage and contribute. Lastly, but most importantly, you’re expected to commit to full confidentiality.

The circle meets every two weeks and your commitment is especially important. As our circle develops its own norms, each voice matters. If you know you will be unable to attend at least 7 of the 8 sessions, you might consider waiting to join another circle. Of course, life happens! However, know going in that attendance is of utmost importance.

Note: there are no refunds for non-attendance or no-shows for any session.

Discussions at each circle session are confidential. Confidentiality builds safety and trust within the circle, allowing authentic relationships to flourish.

As a result, the circle sessions are not recorded. What's shared and said in the room stays in the room!

At the initial meeting, we'll discuss the importance of confidentiality and set ground rules around confidentiality for our circle.

First up, register! Women's Leadership Circles and circle sessions are limited to a maximum of six participants. Go and register to ensure you've secured your seat at the table for this Women's Leadership Circle.

The day before the first circle session, you'll get an email with the details of the Zoom meeting room and information on how to join.

If you don't have yet it, download the Zoom app here ahead of time: https://zoom.us/download

Set yourself up for success for each circle session:

  • Choose a quiet location where you can be undisturbed (as much as possible!) and can share freely.
  • Close all unnecessary windows and apps - this will not only help with your engagement, but will also help minimize the load on your internet connection.
  • Be comfortable and bring in something to keep you hydrated and to keep you at your optimum temperature!

What Could YOU Achieve?

You will be fully listened to, supported, and engaged in a way that empowers and enables you to do more than you ever have without a coach. Curious about what's possible for you? Invest in yourself today.

Meet Your Coach, Louise Lee

☆ Louise Lee, ACC, ECPC - Professional Leadership & Life Coach ☆

So, here's where I tell you all about the success and results I've had as a leader and as a leadership and life coach. You know, to try and impress you and to give you confidence that you're in "safe hands". I could mention how, in my late-20s, I turned around a department of 60 people and helped save the company $6M. I could tell you how I've been in managerial, leadership, and director roles for over 15 years, and how in almost every single job I worked at, I've gotten at least one promotion with pay raise. I could share with you how I'm a multiple-award-winning instructor and facilitator, teaching project management and leadership, and how I combine it with coaching, mentoring, and on-the-job lessons learnt.

But that's not what I actually want to tell you here.

What I really want to tell you is that I know what it's like to feel like an imposter - especially at work. I want to tell you about how much I freaked out and how stressed I was during those jobs and successes I just mentioned. I want you to know that whatever you're going through right now, you're not alone. I know how much I wanted support, a group I could really talk to and with whom I could learn and share, and how much having my own coach would've helped me more than I could've ever imagined. And I know that if that's what I wanted and still want, chances are you do too. So that's what we're here to do. I'm here to support you and to be in your corner, cheering you on. I'm here to not listen to your bullsh*t excuses but instead to listen for your greatness. I'm here to hold space for you, to give you all of the value I can, and to make a lasting, positive and enriching experience for you. If that sounds like something you want, then sign up!

"I've worked with other coaches but have not had nearly the same level of success. I highly recommend Louise if you are looking for ways to improve your performance or to get past personal impediments."

- Winney C.


What's Your Investment?

✓ One hour, twice a month for four months.

✓ Special fee of $345 CAD for all eight sessions (all taxes and fees included). Payable by credit card.

✓ Limited to six people on a first-come-first-serve basis.

✓ PLUS: If you’re not completely satisfied at the end of the first session, I’ll give you a full refund. Note: no refunds for any subsequent sessions, nor for non-attendance or no-shows for any session.

"Louise was an excellent sounding board. She was attentive, responsive, and she brought compassion and creativity to our sessions. I’m so grateful to Louise for all of her help. I hope to work with her again in the future. I can't recommend Louise enough as a coach!"

- Amy H.



Women's Leadership Circle 2020

Starts on Tuesday October 20th 2020

5pm-6pm PDT

Online via Zoom

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